My career as a glass artist began over 30 years ago, when I apprenticed at the Glass Haus Studio in Corpus Christi, Texas.

Throughout my career, I have attended numerous workshops and classes.  I am always trying to fine tune and push my techniques through countless hours of trial and error in my studio.  Some of my biggest "mistakes" have led me to my "best" pieces. 


My glasswork includes highly unique and complex kiln-formed fused glass, torch work, kiln-casting and stained glass.  These pieces range from wall reliefs, freestanding sculptures and vessels, to creative art glass tiles, spiritual pieces and commissioned art. Working with glass leads me in an endless journey of new possibilities.

                                                                                                                    I have come to be enamored with several glass techniques. One of my most favorite is “fillet de verre,” a kiln-formed technique that utilizes colored threads of glass fused and formed into a distinctive design, using a multi-firing process. This process creates artwork that is alive with color, texture, and a shape unique to each piece.   


I am blessed to have received numerous awards throughout my career. My most prestigious top awards are from the Denver Botanical Gardens “Glass at the Gardens Show”, the Foothills Art Gallery in Golden, Colorado, and The Lincoln Center in Fort Collins, Colorado.   

COMMISSIONED WORK                                           

My most recent commissioned art work was for Olsson Associates new Corporate Office in Lincoln Nebraska.  The commissioned art work was for the Conference Room and the main entry Reception wall.  Also, artwork for their main entry Reception wall in their Omaha office.

My commissioned works allow me to express myself and my clients’ love of art.  This "collaboration" usually takes us both to new surprising depths and respect for this medium called "glass".